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Wellness in your home

What does Wellness mean?

Defined by the Global Wellness Institute - "Wellness is the active pursuit of activities, choices, and lifestyles that lead to a state of holistic health".

My interpretation of that definition means wellness can be different for everyone!

This is a really short description of  elements of wellness as they relate to your home and design:

  • Air Quality- making sure contaminants such as mold/mildew are not present, maintaining fuel burning appliances, proper ventilation, humidity control, use filtration systems for allergens, reduce VOC's
  • Water quality- surprisingly water urban water is not excluded from potential contamination
  • Lighting- this is such a huge part of how you "feel" in your home. From intuitive lighting, adjusting colour temperature and intensity to complete lighting scenes to enhance circadian rhythm, lighting has so many possibilities!
  • Sound and noise pollution- open concept homes are becoming the norm yet if you have tried to concentrate in a room when others are around it can be a challenge. Exterior noise can also be a major factor.
  •  Functionality/Accessibility/Comfort- how does your home work for you? Do you have a place to hang your coat and keys when you enter? Are the doorways wide enough that you can pass through easily when carrying groceries or a small child? Storage should be adequate and accessible for all life stages. Flooring transitions should be seamless to prevent falls.
  • Colour- is a very personal choice and can impact a variety of emotional responses. Each element in a room, flooring, walls, ceiling, furniture, window coverings, etc.  lends to the colour story and can be further enhanced by lighting choices.
  • Biophilia- connection with nature. There are multiple way to bring elements of nature into our homes from larger windows, use of natural materials (wood, stone), indoor plants, faux finishes that represent natural features, paint colour etc.
  • Technology- has a wide array of options from home security systems, voice activated controls, APPs that allow you to control lighting while away, appliances that have cameras inside to let you peak into your refrigerator while at the grocery store, enhance lighting, and so much more

There are other wellness elements (mind, nutrition and community) which the health and fitness industry has provided a saturation of information on these aspects. Although, nutrition is not really part of design, a great kitchen can make cooking and meal prep easier and more fun to involve the whole family. Advancements in appliance technology can extend the life of fresh foods or add cooking techniques for optimal nutrient preservation. 

Wellness can be many things and is as individual as each person.

I look forward to helping you with YOUR wellness needs.



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