2:26 pm / Nov 28 2013

Why renovate your Kitchen?

Why Renovate your Kitchen?

Over the decades Kitchens have significantly changed in function. Kitchens are now the heart of the home and require greater planning. Not only do we need to accommodate many additional functions but the need for multiple cooks using the same space at the same time has become essential. The average kitchen sees more home cooked meals per week, a larger number of small appliances (average number is 8), and more than one primary cook. All of these factors contribute to the need for kitchens to have more storage, better layout, more preparation space, more efficient use of space and cabinets that have better accessibility.

Here is a list of frequently used features found in “new kitchens”:

Trash, recycling centres

Pantry units with pull-out shelves

Vertical shelves for trays/cutting boards/baking pans

Integrated appliances Рrefrigerators, dishwashers, ovens/double ovens/microwave, warming drawers, coffee machines

Desk area

Wine storage

Undercounter appliances: wine coolers, dishwasher drawers, beverage centres


Better space for entertaining

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