7:49 pm / Jan 22 2013

To-do Lists!

Spring is here! With the cold weather mostly behind us many find ourselves looking to giving our spaces a fresh look. Whether it is spring cleaning, replacing worn surfaces, or complete renovations spring is a great time to tackle neglected projects. If you’re anything like me the visual reminders of “things-needing-tended-to” are speaking loud and clear! As I walk by each room in the house my to-do list continues to grow. One room needs more closet storage, another new trim, the ensuite bath – well lets just say we’ll start from scratch on that one! One by one tackling the smaller projects is fairly simple, its the bigger ones that take a lot more planning. If you have a long to-do list break it down in a more manageable way, tackle one space at a time and commit a monthly budget amount to get things done. For the larger projects seek professional advice. Working with a designer not only will save you time but can save you thousands of dollars. Creating a well organized project design and plan allows renovations to stay on task and more importantly on budget. If you are a do-it-yourselfer then having a design to work from can give you a solid plan and direction to complete your  project. If you are thinking about taking on a kitchen or bathroom renovation working with a NKBA certified designer ensures that all the details will be considered as we are educated and experienced in the areas of critical importance (i.e. mechanical systems, contruction elements, building code etc). Kitchen and bath renovations have been noted to provide the best “rate of return on investment”, when done correctly. You can reduce the worry and stress out of renovations when working with someone who can ask and answer the important questions when it comes to the plumbing, electrical and structural integrity of your home.

Coming up: “kitchen renovation check list”!

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