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Inside Renovations 2.0 - Updated Version

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The first edition was missing some valuable information! Get the latest edition packed with even more renovation knowledge!


This information guide will walk you through all the details of a home renovation/remodel. What to expect, how to choose the BEST renovation for Return On Investment, a sample Scope Of Work, budget and payment schedule and so much more.

Included are: money saving tips, hard facts that no one wants you to know, tips on hiring a contractor, red flags to watch out for...

It will be the most valuable tool in your tool box!


Kitchens In Detail

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 We walk you through each and every detail related to a kitchen renovation. Inside you will find tips to selecting your design style, cabinet/door style choices, NKBA guidelines, appliances, sinks/faucets and so much more. 


Bathrooms In Detail -NOW AVAILABLE!

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As a wet area, bathrooms require a level to detail to ensure your home is protected from moisture. Water damage can be catastrophic! In this ebook we cover all the important steps, products available to ensure a long lasting result, and guidance to take you through a bathroom renovation. 


Kitchen and Bath Bundle

Bundle and Save over 60% off!

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Get BOTH  Kitchens In Detail AND Bathrooms In Detail