2:26 pm / Sep 10 2018

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Professionals Taking Responsibility to Make All Homes Accessible, Comfortable and Safe for Everyone! Class included top experts from the kitchen and bath design, renovation, home building, real estate, caregiving and medical industries.       Making all homes more accessible and safer that current industry practices


Ottawa (June 21, 2018) – The Living In Place Institute™ is pleased to announce the successful completion of another Certified Living In Place Professional™ (CLIPP™) class.  This class, approved for continuing education by National Kitchen & Bath Association, International Interior Design Association, American Occupational Therapy Association, American Society of Home Inspectors, and others, creates inter-professional networks of experts working to make all homes safer. 


Natalia Pierce is one of the recent graduates, Natalia is honored to now be a part of the solution to improving independence and dignity for all homeowners through sharing their skills to identify safety concerns and recommend solutions in any home, regardless of the homeowners age or needs. “I am looking forward to helping my community become a safer place to live, one home at a time. My clients will benefit from my new Certified Living In Place Professional™ designation and my passion for helping each client.”


“It was an honor and pleasure to welcome Pierce as one of the nationally respected professionals who participated in the recent CLIPP™ class,” says Erik Listou and Louie Delaware, Co-Founders of the Living In Place Institute.  “Like many other housing professionals across the nation, Pierce shares a concern for home accessibility and safety. Most homes were built with no attention to accessibility and safety risks that increase home accidents. Pierce is now one of the experts leading our communities, and the nation, taking responsibility to guide all homeowners to ensure the safest and most accessible homes. Only CLIPP trained professionals have access to an electronic checklist (Home Accessibility and Safety Assessment Checklist™) designed to thoroughly and quickly identify and make recommendations for home modifications and products that help everyone, regardless of their age or needs.”

Natalia Pierce is the owner/designer at Detail by Design. Pierce has been serving west Ottawa for 15 years. Our primary goal is to create spaces you will love to come home too, designed with the end user and budget in mind.


About The Living In Place Institute

The Living In Place Institute has set the standard for home accessibility, comfort and safety through education within the professional communities, development and use of a standardized home assessment checklist and consumer awareness.

More information is available at www.LivingInPlace.Institute 888-467-3220


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