Park Ave

This kitchen renovation was part of the massive main floor renovation including an addition. The extremely small and dysfunctional kitchen in this 1920’s home was in desperate need of attention. The home owners are avid cooks and needed to create a space where both cooks could work at the same time without being cut off from guests. The new kitchen was placed in the centre between the more formal living room and the new family room making it the hub on this home.

The extended peninsulas on each side of the space provide definition, extra storage and seating for guests. A raised bar was added on the sink side to break up the site lines through the space. We extended the cabinets all the way to the 9 ½’ ceilings keeping lines clean and simple. With the cabinet colour in a soft Linen we had liberty to select a vivid granite countertop. Stratos granite captured the eye of the home owner truly making this kitchen come alive with the spectacular movements found in this stone.

The refrigerator is located outside the U-shape but remains close enough to the sink for ease of meal preparation. Beside the refrigerator a built-in microwave was added and double receptacles to accommodate chargers for most of the households electronic devises.