Barlow 3

Space challenges come in all sizes. Although, this large kitchen bodes a vast square footage at over 400 sq ft, creating a functional space was a challenge. The long narrow space was cut up by the old design and the homeowner had a great need to accommodate multiple cooks when family came home. Once the out of date “California ceiling” was removed it opened the space considerably. The addition of the two small windows (originally planned for only one) along the range wall provided much needed natural light. Due to roof line restrictions the height and size of the windows was predetermined but laid out a natural focal point for the new range location. In order to keep a symmetrical appearance to the space we added a column wall on each side of the desk area and hid a pantry on the right side. This solution provided extra storage on one side and eliminated awkward corner cabinets along the range wall. The symmetry became complete with the bookend of full height glass door display cabinets allowing the perfect location to “show off” a collection of antique china. Adding the island created additional work zones by keeping the main clean up space separate from the cooking and preparation area. The efficient triangle created with the prep sink across from the range allows for cook and Su chef to function independently when needed. A small seating area at each end of the island allows guests or helpers to relax during meal preparation or offer a great place to grab a morning coffee. Extending the cabinetry into the dining space using a custom build bench used to hide a support beam offers double duty creating the perfect spot to curl up with a good book or just enjoy the view. Finishing touches include exquisite granite countertops in Antique Brown and Crazy Horse the compliment the finish colours used in the cabinetry. Warm and durable cork flooring was used to keep the space inviting. The desk space blends function and charm to this large room and offers a great place to feature a special piece of art. The three large pendant lights add the right touch to blend finishes and materials together. Welcome Home!