Before and After

Kitchen & Bathrooms that limit the full experience of your home are transformed into comfortable, enjoyable spaces that you can truly live in.

Double Renovation

This incredible project was unique in many ways! We rarely have the opportunity to create an entirely new footprint to re-configure a space (or two) to maximize functionality. In order to make all the requirements fit for both the main bathroom and a newly designed master bathroom we gutted both rooms to make the needed structural, plumbing and electrical changes. But the key element to creating two amazing bathrooms was the need to connect the large custom shower to both bathrooms. Not a typical design for sure, but it has such great functionality that it truly works!

With a few privacy considerations we were able to add a full free-standing bathtub into the main bath along with a modern double vanity! The “pièce de résistance” is the incredibly functional Toto toilet, complete with washlet features! Click here for more details on Toto washlets:

Custom cabinetry (from Milmonde) features grain match walnut doors and drawers in both spaces. The floor tile remains consistent in both the main and the master bathrooms with a change in wall tile. Full floor to ceiling textured while tile (Porcelainosa collection – Stoneworks) in the main bath adds a soft and more feminine feel. While the master ensuite features a bolder textured tile (Bits&Pieces collection – Centura) keeping a more masculine feel. Other differences between each bathroom is choice of hardware (elegant chrome in main and solid black for the master ensuite), countertop for the main is a matte integrated sink/countertop from Wetstyle, while the master ensuite is a more traditional style undermount sink and quartz surface.