7:10 pm / Jul 31 2013

Planning ahead. Questions to ask:

Here is a list of questions to ask yourself as you begin to plan a major renovation to your kitchen:

  1. How long do you to stay in the home?
  2. What is your cooking style? Do you cook from scratch daily? Eat out? Prepare pre-made or convenience foods?
  3. Do you have family members that generally help with meal preparations? How many cooks on average use the kitchen?
  4. Shopping habits: how often do you grocery shop? Do you purchase items in bulk or large sizes?
  5. How often do you entertain? Formal or informal gatherings? How many guests at a time? Do you have special tableware and serving pieces that require storage?
  6. Do you require any special needs functions? I.e. lower counters or wheel chair accessible.
  7. Storage requirements: How many small/medium appliances do you have? I.e blenders, mixers, bread machines, toaster oven, coffee maker etc.
  8. Does your kitchen need to have a sitting area? Eat-in?
  9. What is your design style? Contemporary? Modern? Traditional? Transitional? Classic?
  10. Extra functions? Desk area, pantry, baking centre, breakfast counter, butler’s pantry
  11. Appliances? This is a big one! Do you want a separate oven and cooktop, trash compactor, wine fridge/storage, beverage centre….
  12. Budget?
There are many aspects to planning a successful kitchen renovation as you can see. Making sure your homes integrity is maintained while considering all of the above questions (and more) can leave one feeling overwhelmed. Seek the advice of professionals. Working with a kitchen specialist can not only save you time and money but will ensure the success of your renovation. Kitchen design specialists are trained to understand the complex elements of the renovation process. From structural requirements to plumbing, electrical and ventilation solutions a kitchen designer will have the knowledge to help you make the right choices. Look for a kitchen specialist in your area at NKBA.org (the National Kitchen & Bath Association) as well as certified kitchen & bath specialists.
Detail by Design is a certified member of the National Kitchen & Bath Association.

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