3:23 pm / Aug 19 2015

3 Reasons Why to Hire a Designer

3 Reasons Why to Hire a Designer?

  1. If you are planning any type of renovation to your home consider this:Designers have the skill set to put together your WHOLE project. Example; for a bathroom renovation – selecting all the fixtures (tub, sinks, faucets,tile, cabinetry, showers, glass, mirrors….) the choices can become overwhelming with literally 1000’s of options. Working with a designer will help you choose the right products that fit your needs AND budget. We get discounts too!
  2. Keeping your project on time AND on budget. Renovations are extremely disruptive to your everyday life and being able to start and more importantly complete your renovation in a timely manner will restore balance and function to your home quickly. When working with a designer to assist in coordinating a renovation we make sure all fixtures/materials etc. are onsite when needed. This keeps trades (plumbers, electricians and carpenters) maximizing their time and not waiting around for decisions to be made or materials to arrive. Preventing delays saves money, keeps trades happy, and your renovation on time and on budget!
  3. large shower, bathroom renovation

    large shower, bathroom renovation

    An experienced designer will be able to anticipate potential challenges, provide timely solutions and avoid unexpected cost overruns. Each phase of your project from demolition to installation requires coordination of each expert trade.Planning and communication takes understanding and knowledge of the various mechanical systems in your home. Relying on a skilled and experienced designer to be your advocate when challenges arise can prevent unnecessary costs and decisions being made that may effect other elements of the project. Protecting your home and investment while keeping your renovation on time and on budget is your designers priority!


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